Friday, 3 February 2012

Online Portfolio!!

Im just beginning to set up an online portfolio to make it easier for clients and potential employers to see my work!! I have only just started so not got all my work on there yet but if you fancy it- please take a look!!

Climbing Machu Picchu

I love this track by the Stokes.. Reliving seeing them at Reading Fest in my car!! This track is fast becoming on of most played on itunes!!! <3

Friday, 27 January 2012

All that Glitters!!

New converse!! As you know, if you do know me that is!! i am a total magpie! anything shiney and glittery I have to have! perfect for a frosty winter's morn!!

Being Rubbish!!! and WANTS!!

Right then! with it being new year and all that I have decided I have a lot of catching up to do withthe whole blogging thing!! first of all here are some of the new things I've found out and about fashion wise.....

These backpacks on a market near leicester square in london.. the Yellow one is mine!!!! gonna purchase it next payday!

and this beast to attach to it .....

A totally tacky foxy tail! cant wait!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

P r o j e c t 2 M a c r b r e D E S I G N S

These designs are taken from the macabre group of "The Collector" Project. I have used dark, mysterious colours to symbolise the eerie and sinister feelings aroused when I visited museums exhibiting taxidermy and historical artefacts.

Degree Show

This is a snapshot of what the final outcome of my degree in Textiles has produced... my final degree show!!
i have created 3 2m long by 1.35m wide lengths of silk satin. The idea behind the installation is taken from my 2nd project where I focussed research into decayed natural artefacts and moth-eaten relics.
The final pieces are laser-cut to literally represent the moth-eaten narrative to my work.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

P R O J E C T 1- i n s p r a t i o n

the following images are pictures I took last summer (2010). I became fascinated by the summer sky, particularly the colours of sunsets, the eeriness of silhouettes at dusk and the movement of birds in the sky.

These colours offer the perfect colour palette for an atmospheric and sophisticated collection.

The silhouettes of the rooftops and tree from my back garden offer an interesting an eerie skyline

I love the shapes of birds in flight. I wanted to represent this in my project.

The natural cloud formations and subtle colours of the sky helped form the basis of my project.
I decided to call my project "The Sky at Dusk" as I thought it provoked a sense of atmosphere and created a narrative to my work.