Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Amazingly Tacky!!

New GOLD!!!!!! As you have probably noticed by now I love love LOVE gold and these for ring were an absolute bargain from Loughborough market!! All 4 came to just £3!! especially loving the rock 'n' roll rings... exceptionally tacky but equally amazing!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Summer's Here!!!

The sun has finally come out to play and I have been waiting all year to get these babies out!!!! my £3 vintage Ray Bans were such an exciting find!! In a charity shop in my home town of Stourbridge, West Midlands!! Bring on summer.....!!


Please vote for my little sister to win Miss Teen Queen 2010 by texting LUCY BILL to 84205!! thankyou!!

she is the one on the left!! totally gorgeous. no fake tan. no hair extensions. no foundation. just 100% naturally pretty!!

go to to check her out!!!

thanks you guys!! xxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Last week I was wearing....

Monday :

I love this outfit!! It's inspired by the 80's new romantic style, a trend which just keeps coming back to haunt us!! I am a massive fan of hats and this bowler is one of my faves! I like the idea of mixing different textures and fabrics which is why I have mixed my cropped leather jacket, silk scarf and lace tights. The skirt is a staple in my wardrobe, bought it from American Apparel 2 years ago and it is still very much a key look for me!

Tuesday:Going for a more casual look today, with my amazing gold high tops.... definately my new favourite shoes...I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these in the near future!! Im also wearing a cropped tye-dye tshirt for a splash of colour, my cropped denim jacket as it was a summery day that day. Lots of gold chains!! You can never have enough gold in my eyes!! My high waisted leggings pretty much go with anything and I adore them.

Maiden voyage of my new playsuit!! I've had my eye on this summery little number for a while now, so it was straight to American Apparel when pay day arrived!! Unfortunately, the weather was a little on the cold side, so I teamed it up with my patterned knitted tights (a Crimbo present from my mom!) and my oversized vintage cardigan. The usual suspects are also there like my silk scarf, worn as a head band, gold chains and my gold dunks!


Showcasing my new vintage jumper, which I bought on my travels in London!! I love the colours, they are perfect for spring, light fresh pastels! It looks cute with my denim cut offs, knee high socks and sheer blouse. As always I have my influx of gold with chavvy earrings teamed up with a cute cameo and hair clip, to go with this girly look. The brown belt and sandals are vintage.

What a gloriously sunny day for once!! Time to crack out the sunglasses!! Although I've had a few comments of my sunglasses being compared to GaGa's, which I'm not really feeling!! Except I doubt she's ever paid 60p for sunglasses from a charity shop in Brighton!! I'm wearing my new tapered cream trousers from topshop, felt a little bit like a middle ages american mom from the 80's!! Love them tho. My stripey top is from h&m, denim shirt is vintage and got my geeky little white socks and battered tan brogues... I really should get a new pair but I am way to attatched to them!!

This cute shirt I pinched from my mom!! well she nevers wears it now anyway so it was just taking up space in her wardrobe!! The polka dots are very 80's, which is a major theme in my wardrobe... The green top is actually a mens t-shirt from Topman, I like to wear means tshirts, I have quite a few, I find that they fit better. Wearing the scarf (again) aah i really didnt know how much I wore it untill I started to record my outfits!! maybe its time to invest in a new one!!

Having another casual day here!! Wearing a top I got in London.... I love being a tourist!!! It's kinda cool in a geeky way! Standard practise again.... wearing lots of gold, headscarf around my head and casual highwaisted leggings, and my AA hoody to give a little bit of colour!!

That rounds off my first week, I promise I will try to wear less off the silk scarf next week, but I can't promise there will be less gold!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

1st post aaah!! Trip to London!!

my first post.... ahh this is pretty scary I've never done a blog before but thought I'd give it a go!! If I spend as much time on it as I do on Facebook then surely it could be a success!!!

I thought I'd start off with my recent trip to London and what inspired me whilst I was there.
This is me and my new amazing leopard-print playsuit I got from h&m on Oxford Street for £8!! what an absolute bargain. I love it because it is kinda chavvy yet could also be passed off as 80's vintage (without the smell!) It goes great with my Gold chains, old favourite the Denim shirt and tan waist belt!

This is a collage of some of imagery I found that grabbed my attention whilst I was in London. The top row, and bootom right are pictures I took of Street Art around Shoreditch, I wish I knew who did these so I could credit them and look into the artists and find more of their work. The phrase in the middle picture, I thought summed up my whole time in London, as I found it quite a cold place where people aren't very friendly! However, the culture, the fashion and the surroundings more than made up for that.
The platform shoes are amazing! I love anything shiney and I thought these were brilliant. I found them in the V&A Museum and they are from a 1970's collection by Terry De Havilland. Look out for me I am actually a magpie... attracted to anything shiney or gold!!
The Dress i the middle is by of course the late Alexander McQueen, I was terribly excited to see a dresss from one of his collections closee-up, it gave me the chance to appreiciate how much intricate detail actually goes into his CAD designs. this dress, was an inspiration in itself.

My shiney new GOLD and Sparkly hightops!! For so long now I have searched for the perfect pair of Nike dunk highs!! and here they are are in all their golden glory!! I found them in a funky little sneaker shop in Camden Town called Offspring.... they have the most amazing selection of weird and wonderful trainers I would definately recommed a look and they have a website too! aah i think im actually in LOVE with them.... >