Wednesday, 8 June 2011

P R O J E C T 1- i n s p r a t i o n

the following images are pictures I took last summer (2010). I became fascinated by the summer sky, particularly the colours of sunsets, the eeriness of silhouettes at dusk and the movement of birds in the sky.

These colours offer the perfect colour palette for an atmospheric and sophisticated collection.

The silhouettes of the rooftops and tree from my back garden offer an interesting an eerie skyline

I love the shapes of birds in flight. I wanted to represent this in my project.

The natural cloud formations and subtle colours of the sky helped form the basis of my project.
I decided to call my project "The Sky at Dusk" as I thought it provoked a sense of atmosphere and created a narrative to my work.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


So I finally handed in all of my 3rd year work yesterday!!! how exciting!! and what a relief!!
here are some pics from my portfolio to give a bit of an insight to what my work is all about....
This is one of my final designs based on the inspired by my visits to the Vatican Museum where I became fascinated by the geometric flooring and the organic way the colouring and textures have worn away over the years.
This piece was one featured in my final exhibition statement. The inspiration for this design came from the way insects are displayed in static columns. I used water and water based dyes to distort and distress the imagery, and create a moth eaten effect.
This is another of my final designs exhibited in the degree show. I based this print on a moth eaten concept. The final piece had laser cut holes in it to represent moth eaten fabric.