Friday, 21 January 2011

Fri. 21.01.2011

LOVE this 80's jaquard blazer, a brilliant hand me down from the amazing mother. literally never knew she used to be so cool ha!
see thru tshirt is American Apparel, Jeans are Urban outfitters and my new beautiful tan brogue boots are from office.
accessorized with gold obviously cant go without it and hairband from h&m!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Leather Boots £3.99
Studded Belt £1.00
Teal Belt £2.00

BARGAINS!! god I love charity shops

Thurs. 06.01.2011

Today I'm wearing cute blouse for Topshop, accessorized with black bow which is a piece of fabric I cut off the bottom of an old tshirt!
velvet skirt is last season topshop, velvet is back in for winter!
made this outfit look cute by putting tights and socks together to make it more girly!!
Cardigan is vintage, bowler is from topshop.
Also wearing new Plum lipstick by No7 and sporting my new silver hair!!

Close up of bow and blouse.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Image of Chopper - Dress

hehe, look what I found, some pics of me modelling my good friend amazing clothes line about a year and a half ago, check it out theres some seriously eye catching tees and cool sweats!

Wed. 05.01.2011

Sorry dudes, I know its been ages since I posted outfits but it's my new years resolution to keep my blog updated everyday (see how long it lasts!)
this is my FAVE coat, vintage leather and sheepskin wear it almost everyday its soo warm!! if a little big... ah well it was an absolute bargain at £30!
Chocolate desert boots £20 in sale at BSH - and i thought it was a granny shop!
polkadot dress - topshop,
Cardigan, vintage an xmas present
hairband H&m £2.99, and red bag is vintage!!

loving the autumnal colour palette at the moment (yes i know its winter) but i cant get enough of tan, brown, orange and dark red!

Monday, 3 January 2011

F E S T I V A L I N S P I R A T I O N [2011]

Meadham Kirchoff S/S 2011
I love this Hair!! Been experimenting with hair dye lately, nothing this crazy tho just abit of lilac and silver! although this could be some serious inspiration for festival hair ideas 2011! move over flower hairbands, 90's style hair mascara is in!!