Wednesday, 13 July 2011

P r o j e c t 2 M a c r b r e D E S I G N S

These designs are taken from the macabre group of "The Collector" Project. I have used dark, mysterious colours to symbolise the eerie and sinister feelings aroused when I visited museums exhibiting taxidermy and historical artefacts.

Degree Show

This is a snapshot of what the final outcome of my degree in Textiles has produced... my final degree show!!
i have created 3 2m long by 1.35m wide lengths of silk satin. The idea behind the installation is taken from my 2nd project where I focussed research into decayed natural artefacts and moth-eaten relics.
The final pieces are laser-cut to literally represent the moth-eaten narrative to my work.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

P R O J E C T 1- i n s p r a t i o n

the following images are pictures I took last summer (2010). I became fascinated by the summer sky, particularly the colours of sunsets, the eeriness of silhouettes at dusk and the movement of birds in the sky.

These colours offer the perfect colour palette for an atmospheric and sophisticated collection.

The silhouettes of the rooftops and tree from my back garden offer an interesting an eerie skyline

I love the shapes of birds in flight. I wanted to represent this in my project.

The natural cloud formations and subtle colours of the sky helped form the basis of my project.
I decided to call my project "The Sky at Dusk" as I thought it provoked a sense of atmosphere and created a narrative to my work.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


So I finally handed in all of my 3rd year work yesterday!!! how exciting!! and what a relief!!
here are some pics from my portfolio to give a bit of an insight to what my work is all about....
This is one of my final designs based on the inspired by my visits to the Vatican Museum where I became fascinated by the geometric flooring and the organic way the colouring and textures have worn away over the years.
This piece was one featured in my final exhibition statement. The inspiration for this design came from the way insects are displayed in static columns. I used water and water based dyes to distort and distress the imagery, and create a moth eaten effect.
This is another of my final designs exhibited in the degree show. I based this print on a moth eaten concept. The final piece had laser cut holes in it to represent moth eaten fabric.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

C O L L E C T O R . . .

I absolutely adore the butterfly collections in Wollaton Hall, Notts. There are row upon row of beautifully delicate specimens of butterflies from around the world. Totally inspirational in terms of colour, pattern, and intricate detail. There is also an air of something rather sinister about these dead insects pinned into straight columns and encased in glass for all to see. The Latin labelled in an old typewritten font shows us how dated these sort of collections are, but to me that is what gives it such charm. I fell in love with the collections so much that I decided to dedicate my 3rd year final project into studying collections of butterflies and taxidermy. (photos of my finished work to be uploaded soon!)

Friday, 29 April 2011

SUMMER?. (and Vajazzles!)

Dudes, sorry its been aaaages since I last posted, I've been quite busy doing a degree and stuff, you know! any way, aftaer working all throguh both bank holiday weekends I decided I need a little break! and here is my new perfect summer outfit!!
Top is an Absolute bargain from H&m- only £3.99! loving the hawaiian shirt vibe, i want a real mans one but i can never find one small enough!!
denim shorts, firm fave for summer obviously!
And thanks to The Only Way is Essex I am obsessed with all things sparkly and vajazzly!! face jazzles are definately the way forward to spice up any outfit, and absolutely perfect for Festivals!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

You get stared at if you don't wear a Puffa...

Dress: Topshop sale, Leather/sheepskin coat: vintage,
suede boots: BHS, bag: vintage topshop!
even tho I think this outfit is relatively "normal" for me ( I tried to blend in as I thought people were going to be demure in Rome!) - Istill got a lot of strange looks from the Puffa jacket and furr collared Romans!
This is when I thought, "fuck it" theyre gonna stare what ever I wear so I'm gonna wear what I want-
Sheer Blouse: H&M, cardigan: Vintage, Tapered trousers: Vintage (thanks mom!), coat and shoes as above. And the vintage Raybans are my Babies!!!
Bit of a topshop fest here: Blouse and trousers bother from there... love the goemetric print on this blouse, spot on trend for s/s 2011!
think the peachy/salmon coloured trousers match my new silver hair, which also goes amazingly with my new Plum lipstick!

When In Rome!!

Love Rome, even tho you have to wear a puffa jacket to be cool, the architecture is Breath-taking.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tuesday 22.02.2011

Vintage denim shirt, vintage skirt, desert boots bhs, bowler topshop, clock pendant from a market in france.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday 01.02.2011

Same top from AA and moms old jacket from my previous entry; but this is how I wore them on a night out. fish-net tights make the outfit sexier, teamed with my new AMAZING aldo bondage heels! (£31.49 down from £95!!!) as the top is a little see-through I added laced-bottom cycling shorts from topshop. Gold necklace is from h&m and is a brilliant statement piece when worn with plain colours!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fri. 21.01.2011

LOVE this 80's jaquard blazer, a brilliant hand me down from the amazing mother. literally never knew she used to be so cool ha!
see thru tshirt is American Apparel, Jeans are Urban outfitters and my new beautiful tan brogue boots are from office.
accessorized with gold obviously cant go without it and hairband from h&m!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Leather Boots £3.99
Studded Belt £1.00
Teal Belt £2.00

BARGAINS!! god I love charity shops

Thurs. 06.01.2011

Today I'm wearing cute blouse for Topshop, accessorized with black bow which is a piece of fabric I cut off the bottom of an old tshirt!
velvet skirt is last season topshop, velvet is back in for winter!
made this outfit look cute by putting tights and socks together to make it more girly!!
Cardigan is vintage, bowler is from topshop.
Also wearing new Plum lipstick by No7 and sporting my new silver hair!!

Close up of bow and blouse.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Image of Chopper - Dress

hehe, look what I found, some pics of me modelling my good friend amazing clothes line about a year and a half ago, check it out theres some seriously eye catching tees and cool sweats!

Wed. 05.01.2011

Sorry dudes, I know its been ages since I posted outfits but it's my new years resolution to keep my blog updated everyday (see how long it lasts!)
this is my FAVE coat, vintage leather and sheepskin wear it almost everyday its soo warm!! if a little big... ah well it was an absolute bargain at £30!
Chocolate desert boots £20 in sale at BSH - and i thought it was a granny shop!
polkadot dress - topshop,
Cardigan, vintage an xmas present
hairband H&m £2.99, and red bag is vintage!!

loving the autumnal colour palette at the moment (yes i know its winter) but i cant get enough of tan, brown, orange and dark red!

Monday, 3 January 2011

F E S T I V A L I N S P I R A T I O N [2011]

Meadham Kirchoff S/S 2011
I love this Hair!! Been experimenting with hair dye lately, nothing this crazy tho just abit of lilac and silver! although this could be some serious inspiration for festival hair ideas 2011! move over flower hairbands, 90's style hair mascara is in!!