Saturday, 30 April 2011

C O L L E C T O R . . .

I absolutely adore the butterfly collections in Wollaton Hall, Notts. There are row upon row of beautifully delicate specimens of butterflies from around the world. Totally inspirational in terms of colour, pattern, and intricate detail. There is also an air of something rather sinister about these dead insects pinned into straight columns and encased in glass for all to see. The Latin labelled in an old typewritten font shows us how dated these sort of collections are, but to me that is what gives it such charm. I fell in love with the collections so much that I decided to dedicate my 3rd year final project into studying collections of butterflies and taxidermy. (photos of my finished work to be uploaded soon!)

Friday, 29 April 2011

SUMMER?. (and Vajazzles!)

Dudes, sorry its been aaaages since I last posted, I've been quite busy doing a degree and stuff, you know! any way, aftaer working all throguh both bank holiday weekends I decided I need a little break! and here is my new perfect summer outfit!!
Top is an Absolute bargain from H&m- only £3.99! loving the hawaiian shirt vibe, i want a real mans one but i can never find one small enough!!
denim shorts, firm fave for summer obviously!
And thanks to The Only Way is Essex I am obsessed with all things sparkly and vajazzly!! face jazzles are definately the way forward to spice up any outfit, and absolutely perfect for Festivals!!