Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Saturday. 21.08.10.

This was the final night of my French adventure (sad face). But this gave me the perfect reason to wear my new Bowler!! God I love this hat! £9.99 from H&M its a great colour, much more fitting for the summer season than my black one!
Dress is from Topshop- love the colour palette as it looks great with a tan!! Teamed up with the old faithful Denim Shirt, and holiday espadrilles.

Friday. 20.08.10.

He he, sorry this is the only photo I got of myself in this outfit that day!! Quite a cute old church though, very French, loved the colours in the stained glass windows, although the colour hasn't come out too well here!
T-shirt is vintage from a little shop in the Custard Factory complex in Birmingham. The shorts are a pair of my favourites, I love the bright colours and the high waist. They're vintage too, from Cow in Birmingham I think. Teamed up with some over the knee socks - to protect my legs, ha, as I went Go-Karting that day!!

Thursday. 19.08.10

I wore this outfit, when I was on holiday in France. Simple, and understated but at the same time still quirky. Tied up the sheer blouse add more interest to the outfit, seeing as all the colours are quite subtle. Gold cardigan is vintage - I absolutely love it.... well of course. ITS GOLD! Leggings are American Apparel, and of course is teamed up with the old holiday faves- the Espardrilles!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Wednesday. 18.08.10.

Gone a bit American Apparel here haven't I? Not that it's a bad thing ofcourse!! The cap I found last year at Exit Festival goes perfectly with the turquoise AA playsuit, and contrast well with the Cherry red of the hoody!
I accessorised it with a gold pocket watch i put on a chain, from La Tranche Market, Vendee, France.

Tuesday 17.08.10.

Double denim - just can't get enough of it. Some could say it makes you looks like an 80's cowboy throwback but who cares, IT WORKS!
pair Double denim with bold prints, for example this skirt contrasts with the plain denim and also screams summer...
Shirt - vinatge, Bra top-shop, skirt vintage.
shoes its all about the Espadrilles!! (From a french supermarche 2 euros!)

Monday. 16.08.10.

Love LOVE L O V E this jumpsuit!!! It was from Zara and at only £19.99 is amazing, I mean you get a whole outfit for 20 quid!
Teamed up with my Sexual Birthday shoes!!! Topshop's version on the Chloe Sevigny Wedges, and a tan vintage leather belt.

Perfect Summer summed up in one outfit....
Floral - check.
Wedges -check.

Sunday. 15.08.10.

Simple but cute. Polka dot skirt is vintage sheer blouse is H&M with a lacy top underneath. Denim cropped jacket is also vintage (I think its actually a child's not cropped ha but it works for me!) teamed up with a pair of over the knee socks to keep it cute!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Finally, here is a little insight onto the kind of work I was producing when I was on Placement in London. Working in Ink and fineliner I was asked to produce my own take on Paisley, as clients has asked for paisley. I wanted to re-create the delicacy of the classic Paisely design but with a kind of more up to date, graphicaal feel to it, which is why I used black ink and splatters of watercolour in the background to give the impression of colour.

NANTES. A mini Paris?

Nantes is possibly one of the cutest places I have ever been to, its kinda like a mini Paris, with stunning architecture which wouldn't be out of place in a fairytale fantasy. The place is so relaxed, none of the hustle and bustle of Paris, everyone seemed pretty chilled. I'd certainly recommend this as a city you must visit. Its pretty tiny, I literally walked around the centre in under three hours!

This is the cities cathedral, absolutely breathtaking, the sheer scale of it was amazing. especially set against the gorgeous clouds in the sky. I think I am starting to get slightly obsessed with clouds and the sky...

This was possibly the last thing I would have expected to see whilst in a city like Nantes.... an ENORMOUS anamatronic elephant giving rides to children and blowing steam out of its trunk!? Totally random but equally impressive at the same time!


This is what I love about France... cute little back streets with quirky bars and bags of character, amazing food and Desperados. The Street art is also amazing, I found this piece behind the Station In Nantes.